An ESG Trailblazer Talks About Making Investing Moral, Greenwashing, and Sustainability Trends

Read the interview with Amy Domini, founder and chair of Domini Impact Investments.

About Amy Domini: Introduction from her speech at the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to introduce our speaker to you tonight, but it will not be an easy task to tell you about her or to fit her many accomplishments into a brief minute or two. Fortunately her years of leadership in the field and previous participation on the Governing Board… Continue reading About Amy Domini: Introduction from her speech at the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility

Doing Well by Doing Good

Christina M. Grotheer, Associate Editor of AIMR Exchange, spoke with Ms. Domini in late January 1999, just three months prior to the Domini 400’s 10-year anniversary.

A Son With a Conscience

Amy Domini, written with Alisa Tang As a child, I saw how hard it was on my father, who came to this country in the 50’s when Italians were a scorned minority group, to be an unwanted immigrant. My American grandfather, on the other hand, was a Wall Street insider who taught me how to… Continue reading A Son With a Conscience

Snippets: Ahimsa Conversation # 76 Amy Domini

Code Pink – Divesting from Weapons: A Conversation with Amy Domini

Back to Nature

For most of my life, I have enjoyed taking long walks by myself in the woods and fields. When I was a young girl, these walks might have lasted a couple of hours. We lived in the Berkshire foothills, so the woods were hilly and full of boulders. As I grew into my teens and… Continue reading Back to Nature

Convovation at Carleton College

Read to Article about Socially Responsible Investing.

Beyond the Bears

The startling decline in U.S. stock markets is the result of long-term economic trends exacerbated by current events. The slowdown in technology spending, the unanticipated radicalism of the current administration, and reduced consumer confidence have propelled us into a bear market. However, a growing income and wealth gap and an increasingly large economic underclass are… Continue reading Beyond the Bears

Socially Responsible Investing

Excerpt from Chapter One The way we invest matters. It’s a small planet and there isn’t much time. Our pristine spaces are disappearing; our natural heritage of species is being decimated. Our rich cultural and ethnic diversity is all but gone, and vast ghettoes scar every metropolis. Millions live in slavery, or prisons, or as… Continue reading Socially Responsible Investing