People, Planet, & Profit. Made personal.

Thoughts on People, Planet, & Profit is a collection of essays about responsible investing from the field’s pioneer. It’s also a book about hope. Through short, thoughtful ruminations on everything from championing biodiversity to just saying “no” to war, Amy Domini demonstrates that when investors come together to care for the greater good, they can ensure both people and planet continue to thrive. 


Divided into three sections, Thoughts on People, Planet, & Profit reminds the reader that the secret to making an impact is small. As Amy writes, “Together, we can each do something—and this, in the end, is everything.”


Whether the reader is a seasoned investor looking for more ways to align their money with their values, or someone who is curious about how they can make a difference in the world, Thoughts on People, Planet, & Profit proves that when we collectively act with intention, we can do more together than we ever could alone.

Thoughts on People Planet, & Profit by Amy Domini.

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