Amy L. Domini


Founder and Chair, Domini Impact Investments, LLC.

Domini Impact Investments is an investment management company. Its mission is to provide investment vehicles to the socially responsible investor. Current offerings include a domestic equity fund, a bond fund, a European equity fund and an insured money market account. Both the bond fund and money market account directly support community development financial institutions. The equity funds facilitate direct dialogue between corporations and activists by filing shareholder resolutions with certain portfolio companies. Ms. Domini has been associated with this firm or its products since 1991.


Private Trustee, Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge Office.

Ms. Domini serves as a private trustee/portfolio manager with the Boston-based firm of Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge. At this firm, she works with high net-worth individuals and assists them in the management of their personal assets in individually tailored investment accounts. Ms. Domini has been associated with the firm since November, 1987.




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Magazines and Journals

    • “Open Proxy Balloting” with Philip Angelides (Barron’s May 13, 2002)
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    • Domini Impact Investments LLC (1997 - present)
    • Domini Funds (1991 - present)
    • LWC Fiduciary Advisors (1999 – present)
    • Massachusetts Historical Society Finance Committee (2003 - present)
    • New England Quarterly (1999 - present)
    • Blossom Fund (1993 – present)
    • Partners for the Common Good Loan Fund (2005 – present)



    • Church Pension Fund of the Episcopal Church, USA (1994 - 2006)
    • Progressive Government Institute (2003-2005)
    • SEED Fund (Haitian Loan Fund) (2000-2005)
    • Financial Markets Center (2002-2004)
    • KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., (1989-2000). Along with her partners,   Steven Lydenberg and Peter Kinder, Ms. Domini founded KLD in 1989.   The company’s corporate mission is to remove the barriers to socially   responsible investing. Domini is no longer associated with the firm.
    • Social Investment Forum, 1995-1999
    • Investment Committee at Fessenden School, 1994-1998
    • Investment Committee, Episcopal Church USA, 1990-1995
    • Governing Board Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, 1985-1995
    • Investment Committee, Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard and Radcliffe,   1984-1994
    • Social Responsibility in Investments Committee, Episcopal Church,   1985-1991
    • National Community Capital Association (Formerly National Association   of Community Development Loan Funds), 1985-1990
    • Joint Advisory Committee on Alternative Investments, Episcopal Church,   1987-1989
    • Putnam Camp, 1981-1987
    • Fact Finding Mission to Northern Ireland, Episcopal Church, 1987



    • Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa; Berkeley Divinity School at   Yale 2007
    • Doctor of Business Administration, honoris causa; Northeastern   University Law School 2006
    • Citation from President Bill Clinton for work with United Nations   Foundation. September, 2005.
    • Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility Special Tribute. September,   2005.
    • National Neighborhood Coalition, National Award for Neighborhood   Leadership. April, 2005.
    • Notre Dame University, Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for   Business Ethics. April, 2005.
    • “100 Most Influential People in the World” Time Magazine. April, 2005.
    • “Power 30, the Thirty Most Influential People on Wall Street,” Smart    Money. November, 2003.
    • Amnesty International USA, Corporate Leadership Award. June, 2003
    • Aaron Feuerstein Spirituality in Business Award. March, 2003.
    • YWCA Academy of Women Achievers. May, 2001.
    • Natural Business Magazine Leadership Award. June, 2000.
    • “Our 25 Favorite Working Mothers” Working Woman Magazine.    December, 2000.
    • Inducted into the Caring Institute’s Caring People Hall of Fame.   November, 2000.
    • “Innovators of Finance” Time Magazine. October, 2000.
    • “The Smartest Women in the Money Business (and what you can learn     from them)” Money for Women. May-June, 2000.
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    • “The Smart Money 30” Smart Money Magazine. 1999.
    • SRI in the Rockies, Service Award. 1997.
    • ACCION International, Service Award. 1992.


1973 - BA, Boston University; International and Comparative Studies with a stress on European History and Economics.

1990 - Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).


Ms. Domini lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.