Review from The Clean Yield

March, 2001

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It's not easy writing books about social investing - finish one and it's almost time to begin another. It certainly helps, though, to have Amy Domini's sense of timing.

Domini's first book was Ethical Investing, co-authored with Peter Kinder in 1984. Since then, Domini has arguably become the leading figure in SRI by writing books and articles; speaking about SRI here and abroad and in all the ajor media; co-founding KLD, a major corporate social research firm; and helping develop the Domini Social Index and Domini family of mutual funds.

Now comes her latest book, introducing newcomers to social investing and updating the rest of us. Written in her signature style -- clear and engaging, with as much space devoted to illustrative side-bars as general text - the book stays on the social, rather than financial, side of SRI. And without direct reference to the critics who maintain that social change won't come without financial sacrifice, Domini simply points out many areas in which SRI has succeeded on both the financial- and social-change fronts.

Domini's timing is right, as usual. Attractive financial returns have vast numbers of potential investors considering SRI. Amy Domini is here to help them - and all of us -- see how our investments can promote a more humane society.

Published by Dearborn Trade, 155 N. Tracker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606. 312-836-4400. $19.95.